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Hey everyone, welcome to All The Ping Pong Gear You Need. Playing racket sports have always been an interest of mine since I was young as I played tennis in the past. Being from Canada, It was only when I moved to California that I had my first experience playing Table Tennis and fell in love with it very quickly. My father bought my brother and I our first table about 8 years ago and I developed a passion for the sport due to the speed of it, which makes it exciting!

My story regarding my years playing Ping-Pong

Born and raised in Canada, Ping-Pong wasn’t necessarily popular so it never crossed my mind to play. It was a few years after moving to California that my Ping-Pong playing time started in my garage where me and my brother would spend countless hours practicing. We would face off in heated exchanges and developed our game over time.
When I started attending University, I would play with many of my friends who shared the same passion and to this day, I am still getting better.

Play the way you want to

I want to help those who are interested in knowing more about what style of play would benefit them the most. Holding a paddle a certain way, and choosing the right racket for you can improve your performance and increase your skills more rapidly. Everyone plays the sport differently so depending on the racket and balls, it will allow you to play a more aggressive or defensive type of play.

I will also explain what equipment are needed for you to play ping pong and what I recommend depending on how you play. I will explain various techniques and exercises that you could employ to help you excel at table tennis!

Practice leads to success

Practice is the key to improve in anything you want to accomplish in life. With the right strategies and equipment, you can take your level of play to the next step and have more fun. Having the right partner can also help you improve your game even further.

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Game on!!




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