Best ping pong paddles for beginners – Improve your skills faster

Finding the right paddle for you can be a struggle. If you are just starting out or are willing to improve yourself to go to the next level more quickly, then certain paddles will benefit you.

When I started out, I played with the paddles that came along with the table that I purchased and eventually I wanted to upgrade as my skills improved.

Depending on how you like to play the game of ping pong, then you will have to choose the paddle that will benefit you the most. Spin, control and speed are all important to determine the outcome of a match and certain bats will help you to achieve more.

Here is a list of the top bats for beginners to help you reach the next level.

Killerspin JET200

If you have never purchased a racket before and are wondering which one could be a great purchase for the price and your skill level, then the Killerspin JET200 is the one.

This bat is perfect for beginners who are in the process of sharpening their skills and be more competitive against other players. You will notice how much easier it is to perform spin on your shots while also having more control and speed on each swing. The hardest thing to do for beginner players is to keep the ball in play, so this racket will offer more control.

This racket will give you everything from more speed, spin and control but the focus of this paddle is control which will allow you to get better at table tennis.

A cool thing about this paddle is that it offers three different colors which are bluvanilla, mocha and lime. One side of the bat will be one of those while the other side will be black.

This paddle is designed for beginners and not recommended for intermediate and advanced players. The lack of power and spin of this paddle will not be as effective for those who are skilled.

This paddle is not ITTF approved, therefore it is for recreational use, to practice and develop your skills.

The racket specifications:

  1. Its main strength is control
  2. Consists of 5 wood layers
  3. The dimensions of the bat are 6″ x 6 1/8″
  4. 1.8 mm think sponge and 5.9 mm blade thickness
  5. 30 day warranty
  6. Not ITTF approved
  7. Performance ratings: Power: 6/10, Spin: 7/10, Control: 8.5/10

Stiga Titan

The stiga Titan is similar to the Killerspin Jet 200 as it is the basic racket of its brand. This racket also focuses on control instead of spin and speed, which allows you to learn the basic strokes and develop your skills. This bat is very cheap and is perfect for those who are serious about improving their game.

The main goal when starting will be to practice your stroke in order to keep the ball in play which will allow you to gain some confidence. Fortunately, this paddle gives you that by having tremendous control and allows you to enjoy yourself when playing.

A good thing about this paddle is that it is ITTF approved and it will allow you to use it if you want to compete. It is not recommended to use for competition due to low quality rubber. It will not display impressive speed or give you great spin due to the rubber being not great.

This racket is .35 pound which makes it very light and allows you to play for a long period without tiring. The technology of this paddle gives it better quality than the basic paddle. The sponge of the racket is 2.0 mm and has 5 ply extra light blades made of balsa wood and comes with 2 layers of carbon fibers.

  1. .35 pounds
  2. Sponge is 2.0 mm
  3. 5 ply extra light blade of balsa wood along with 2 layers of carbon fibers
  4. ITTF approved
  5. Control over Spin and Power
  6. Performance Ratings: speed: 80/10, spin: 77/10, control: 82/10

So if you are looking get to the next level and to put yourself in a position to succeed, then this paddle will do the job. This paddle is designed to give you more control and not intended for speed and spin purpose. It will allow you to improve yourself in all area but as a beginner, you want to be able to keep the ball to reach the next level.

Butterfly 401 Shakehand

The butterfly 401 shakehand is another great option when it comes to improve yourself. Unlike the other two options above, it tends to focus more on spin and speed than actual control. Control is essential for a beginner but if you are an advanced beginner, this might be the racket for you.

This racket gives you much more speed and allows you to apply more spin than the basic rackets and that could be preferred for some players who love to play offense. Even though it isn’t quite the ideal for those who recently started playing the game of table tennis, it could be perfect for those who want to elevate their games and feel they are getting better at controlling their shots.

Along with adding extra power and spin to your shots, this bat was designed for those who imply a shakehand grip hold. This paddle has some impressive feature in which it contains a thicker sponge than many other rackets at 2.1 mm. The thicker sponge allows you go gain extra speed and maximize the amount of spin you can create.

This amazing racket comes with a nice case that allows you to keep it in great condition for a long time. This case will be useful due to the sticky feel of the racket that allows dust to stick to the racket and will diminish its effectiveness if not taken care of. Overall, this racket will require you to clean it more often than other paddles to maintain the level of play you want.

  1. 2.1 mm sponge
  2. 5 ply layer
  3. ITTF approved
  4. Power and Spin over Control
  5. Requires more maintenance due to sticky feel
  6. Comes in with a case to protect your paddle

Performance Ratings: Speed: 80/100, spin: 80/100, control: 85/100

While this racket offers what you need to get better, it is recommended for advanced beginners. This paddle is also ITTF approved and is very cheap. For those who have enough control on their shots and want to develop more pace and spin, then this is a great grab. So it would apply greatly for advanced beginners and intermediate players who are ready to strive at table tennis.

Stiga Evolution

Another popular option for beginners from the stiga brand is EVOLUTION. This paddle will help you achieve more control on each of your shots just like the Titan. However, this paddle will still give you enough power and spin to power through your opponents. This paddle has the most control of the rackets above but the fact it has a higher speed and spin ratings, I would recommend it to advanced beginners.

If you enjoy playing close to the table and consider yourself more of a defensive player, then this is the racket for you. This paddle will allow you to keep the ball in play effortlessly and hit angles to catch your opponent off guard. Returning top spin serve can be quite difficult to handle at times, but this paddle will allow you to control the shot by blocking it back and hit a quality return.

This racket comes with impressive technology such as a 6 ply light wood that helps with control. The sponge of this paddle is 2.0 mm and the rubber of this paddle is soft and will allow you to perform mediocre spin. Crystal technology is one of the important feature of this paddle as it makes the surface of the paddle harder and will help you generate more speed on your shots. Another impressive feature is the shock dispersion Technology which is what helps to control the shots more effectively.

Overall this paddle is a great pickup for those who are advanced beginners to intermediate players who want improve their shots by keeping the ball in play. It is also recommended for those who employ more of a defensive type of play and like to remain close to the table. Playing far from the table can affect your performance as the speed of the paddle doesn’t generate enough power.

1. Can generate medium power and spin but amazing control

2. ITTF approved

3. Very light (0.375 lbs)

4. 6 ply layer

5. 2.0 mm sponge

6. Crystal Technology and Shock Dispersion Technology

Performance Ratings: speed: 96/100, spin: 94/100, control: 90/100


Deciding which paddle to purchase can be challenging, but knowing what is your preferred style of play and your skill level can help you make a better decision.

Those who are just starting out and want to practice their strokes and keep the ball in play should aim for the Jet Killerspin 200 and Stiga Titan. Those who have improved greatly and are still learning different techniques should aim for the butterfly shakehand 401 and Stiga Evolution.

No matter what you choose, what will decide the result of a match will be your skill level. If you are more of an offensive player, and you have developed enough control of your shots then the butterfly shakehand 401 could be a great pickup.

The combination of having great skills and the paddle that fits your playing style is what will allow you to excel further in table tennis and to continue having fun against other top competitors.


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