The Basic Table Tennis Strokes – Reaching The Next level

Strokes is the most crucial aspect in the game of table tennis. Knowing how to hit the ball with precision and speed by having the right technique takes time and is the most important thing to your success. There are 4 main types of strokes that someone needs to learn in order to reach the next level of play.

The bassic table tennis strokes are Forehand drive, Forehand push, Backhand drive and Backhand push.

Forehand Drive

The forehand drive is a very important shot in table tennis as it allows the player to defend against an opponent who is being very offensive. The footwork and stance in order to perform this shot effictively is important to know.

when it comes to the stance, your feet should be positioned wide apart and if you are a right heanded player, you want to have your right leg slightly further back than the left leg. essentially you want to make sure also that you are close to the baseline in order to stop the attack from the other player. Make sure also to have your knees bent and to have more weight on the balls of your feet.

Usually, you will be using this shot when the ball will bounce high and deep and want to give you a chance to stay in the rally. Right before the ball comes at you, make sure to put more weight on your back foot. Once the ball is coming at you, you want to transfer the weight from your blackfoot to your front one. You want to hit the ball very early in the bounce and also make sure to swing in an upward motion with the back of your paddle. At the same time, don’t want to go too far back with your swinging motion as it should be just a quick and short swing.

Forehand Push

the forehand push is similar as the forehand drive when it comes to feet positioning. your right feet should be positioned more to the back while your left a little bit ore to the front. Unlike the forehand drive, this shot is usually ideal for low balls and prevent your opponent to be on the offense.

When performing this shot, your racket needs to be at a certain angle in order to be executed perfectly. essentially, you want your racket to be at a 45 degree angle so you can slice under the ball.

When hitting the ball, you just want to make contact with the ball and not hit it too hard. Once you hit the ball, continue forward with the swing as your arm will be extended in front of your body.

Backhand Drive

The backhand is used primarily when your opponent tries to pressure you by attacking offensively. This shot has the same purpose as the forehand drive since you want to be able to hit this shot when the ball bounces high and deep.

Your goal is to make sure that the ball lands deep on the other side of the table to allow yourself to get the upper hand. Keep your body in front of the table in the same stance as you would for a forehand drive and make sure to hit the stroke with a slight upward movement.

If you want to add additional spin on the ball, make sure your wrist is more loose in order to get better results.

Backhand Push

First, in order to effectively hit this shot, you need to be close to the table and unlike the backhand drive, it is for short balls. This stroke is meant to surprise your opponent with a quick and short stroke to prevent them from taking over the rally.

This shot is similar to the forehand push as you want to turn your paddle at a 45 degree angle to hit a short swing. You want to hit the ball once it reaches its peak with depth to gain better table positioning. You want to make slight contact with the ball and also continuing your motion by having your arm extended in front of you.


These strokes are an important foundation to the success of a player and if you can master the techniques to properly hit the ball, then you can elevate your game. Focusing on your footwork will allow you to hit a more precise and powerful stroke. I would recommend practicing the forehand or backhand strokes depending on which side is your best one. It will take time to get the results you want and certain rackets will allow you to achieve your goals faster.


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