The Best Ping Pong Tables Review – Which one is right for you

Playing table tennis can be extremely fun, especially when you start getting better over time. Buying a new paddle, learning how to have the proper footwork and stance can definitely improve your desire to play.

However, even with everything said, another important element to get results more quickly is the ping pong table. Depending on the table that you have, it will definitely make a difference in the speed, bounce and spin when you strike the ball.

Finding the right table for you to allow you to enjoy the game of table tennis will depend on your style of play. Depending on how you play the game of ping pong, some tables might advantage you more than others. The price has to be in consideration here to purchase a table that fits your budget.

JOOLA Inside

The JOOLA inside table is great for those who have just started playing the sport and it comes at a great low price. This is the perfect table for the family and if you want to improve yourself. It is recommended for indoor such as home or for the office.

This table is ideal if you have to constantly put it away to clear some space in the living room or your garage. It has 1.5 inches steels legs which allows it to be bent in half to store in the corner of the room. This table also has another great feature such as a playing surface of 5/8 inch composite built.

The great thing about folding this table in half is that you can practice your shots by hitting the other side of the table that is lifted back up. This is a great idea if you want to develop a particular stroke that needs improvement.

Looking at the price of this table which is below 400$, it is well worth it. After years of usage, especially if it was in your garage or the basement, the table might not be as effective as it used to be. However, I do recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase this table as their first one as it will last for a few years.


  • 16 mm wood composite surface to improve ball bounce
  • Quick to assemble
  • Great price
  • Dual locking system to keep table from moving
  • Steel legs for increase stability and support


  • 5/8 inch surface thickness
  • 137 lbs
  • 1.5 inch steel legs for support and stability

    STIGA Advantage Competition

    The STIGA advantage table is very similar to the JOOLA inside when it comes to price, durability and specs. For those who are looking for a table to help them get started in table tennis, this is a very good choice.

    For those who wish to compete in the future, this table will help you have a similar tournament style of play. Looking at the price and the durability, it is a great pick up for those who are beginners and have a limited budget.

    It’s also great if you only have a few hours of play each day as it can be folded and put away in no time. It can also be rolled on the ground with the rollers and be locked in place to have a maximum playing experience.

    Overall, if anyone with kids are trying to get into the sport, this is the table that you want to get.


    • Affordable price
    • Very good quality net quality
    • folds and moves pretty easily
    • Quick to assemble
    • 16 mm surface thickness for consistent bounce


    • 1.5 steel legs
    • 5/8 inch surface thickness
    • 195 lbs

    JOOLA Tour 1500

    The Joola tour table is a great option for those who want something that is higher quality but not too expensive. This table has many of the same spec as the other table but is definitely a small upgrade. You can easily fold it in half to be put on the side. The dual trolley system on this table allows it to be easily moved from one location to another. The advantage with this table is it allows you to adjust the casters if you are playing in an uneven location.

    This table has similar spec as the other two tables above but it has slightly better durability. Overall, the mobility and durability allows players to have a great experience playing the game of table tennis.

    For about only 100$ more than the other two tables, it definitely is one of the most preferred table on the market and I would recommend it to those who have played the game for a while and are more serious about competing.


    • QuickPlay Chassis for quick assembly
    • 5/8 inch table thickness for improve stability and control
    • fold and move very easily
    • Not too expensive


    • 2 inches steel apron
    • 1-3/4 inches steel legs
    • 3 inches wheel with locks

    STIGA Synergy

    The Stiga synergy table is in the same league as the JOOLA tour as it is higher quality than other basic tables and for a reasonable price. With a 5/8 inch table thickness, it will give you a great bounce when hitting the ball but it is not on the competition level.

    It comes with a QuickPlay chassis which allows you to assemble it very quickly as it is already pre-installed. This table allows the ball to bounce evenly across the table when hit due to its 2 inch steel apron. The wheels are 3 inches which allows the player to move it on any surface such as carpet and wood. The legs of the table are 1-3/4 inches as it allows for great stability and can also be easily folded back in place when putting the table away.

    Overall, the price of this table is worth it for the quality and durability and is preferred for the intermediate players who are looking for an upgrade to be able to improve in the sport.


    • QuickPlay chassis for quick assembly
    • Great for beginners and intermediate players
    • Good quality and reasonable price


    • 5/8 table inch thickness
    • 3 inch mag wheels with locks
    • 1-3/4 inches steel-self opening legs


      In the end, all four of these tables will bring you great results at a great price, but it all comes down to your preference and your budget. If you just started playing the sport, it would be better starting out with the JOOLA inside or the Stiga Competition. However, if you are thinking of competing, then getting something more expensive such as the JOOLA tour or the Stiga Synergy could prove to be more beneficial.


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